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CompAero and TurbAero Software Training and Tutorials

This page provides some software tutorials that have recently been adapted and updated from past on-site training programs relative to the CompAero and TurbAero software systems. These are being made available to software users and potential users to introduce them to the overall capabilities of the software for specific turbomachinery types. The original use of these tutorials was for presentations to groups of new users with the aid of a PC projector. These tutorials are in Adobe Reader (pdf) files that can be viewed here or saved on the visitors PC for later viewing. It will be seen that these tutorials also can easily be viewed by individuals on their PC monitor. Visitors are welcome to freely use and distribute these tutorials as found useful.


Individual training personalized to the client's needs remains available here in Greensburg, PA, U.S.A. as a normal consulting function. The intent is that these tutorials will provide an advance indication of the merit of this type of training. It can be very valuable to users who want hands-on guidance in processing some or all of specific design and analysis projects typical of their normal applications. This may or may not require user travel to Greensburg, depending on the user's preference. Training via email has been found practical in many cases.  There have been many cases in the past where users have benefited  greatly from this type of training. As the original and sole developer of the CompAero & TurbAero systems, Ron Aungier is the best qualified software trainer available for these software systems.


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