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Using The CompAero and TurbAero Software Systems For Aftermarket Applications

The CompAero and TurbAero software systems are currently used by several organizations for turbomachinery aftermarket applications (rerates, revamps, re-engineering, troubleshooting, etc.). Both systems offer exceptional performance prediction accuracy and effective preliminary aerodynamic design capabilities that are well-suited to the scoping and feasibility studies required to quote aftermarket projects with confidence. These interface directly with the detailed aerodynamic design and analysis procedures to assure that the actual rerate is accomplished efficiently. Where appropriate, both systems offer convenient support to import reverse-engineered components into the design and analysis systems for performance analysis and/or design modification.


Turbocharger rerates are regularly being addressed with both software systems by several licensed users. These generally involve a centrifugal compressor with either an axial-flow or a radial-inflow turbine. Some examples are included among Ron Aungier's consulting projects although many others have been accomplished independently by licensed users of the CompAero and TurbAero software systems.


The industrial centrifugal compressor aftermarket is a major source of business opportunities for organizations with an established capability to handle them efficiently and with confidence. The CompAerosoftware system is very well-suited to these applications. Its development is based on over 38 years of direct experience on centrifugal compressor development, including aftermarket applications. Some ofCompAero's features that are particularly effective on aftermarket applications include:


  • An accurate and efficient application procedure to scope-out and quote compressor modifications is essential. CompAero provides a very effective capability for that function. View example

  • Comand line versions of programs RKMODSIZE and CENCOM are available when unattended running called from other software is useful. Some clients find it useful to integrate those into their application software for non-OEM rerates and revamps. This can provide replacement stage preliminary designs including perfomance predictions. That is often sufficient for quotations. Those preliminary designs also provide a direct starting point for the detailed designs with the standard CompAero software when the quotation results in an order.

  • CompAero provides a fundamental performance prediction capability based only on geometry and operating conditions, which is certainly one of the best commercially available. Its strategy is to provide the best prediction possible without expecting the user to contribute to the answer. This includes overall performance analysis of multistage compressors (before or after modification).

  • In many cases, existing stages must be re-used or modified, often requiring analysis of complex, reverse-engineered impellers. Program RIGPAC provides a sophisticated geometry import capability to introduce existing impellers into CompAero system to efficiently use all of its design and analysis capabilities. It also automates many common impeller modifications such as adjustments to the flow capacity or head capability.

  • CompAero's comprehensive component aerodynamic design and analysis capabilities are ideal for the detailed aerodynamic design of any new or modified stage components required.


Most of the same key features described for centrifugal compressor aftermarket applications are also provided by the design and analysis systems for axial-flow compressors (in CompAero) and for axial-flow and radial-inflow turbines (in TurbAero). Indeed, these key features are a major reason for the extensive use of the TurbAero system for turbocharger rerates as described above. While aftermarket business opportunities are less numerous for these industrial turbomachinery types than for industrial centrifugal compressors, they are still quite significant in number.

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