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Ron's Bio


Master of Engineering (Aerospace), Cornell University, 1966

Bachelor of Engineering Physics (five-year program), Cornell University, 1965

Manufacturing Technology (M.E. 24), University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 1984

Selected Topics in Management, Syracuse University/Carrier Corporation, 1979-80

Advanced Management Program, Carrier Corporation, 1978

Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachinery, ASME/Iowa State University, 1973

Laboratory Management of R&D, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1966


Life-Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).



(2004-present) Independent Consultant (since retiring in Jan. 2004): independent consulting in turbomachinery aerodynamics on a wide range of client projects, including both compressor and turbine design, performance analysis and troubleshooting. Also wrote and published a book on turbine aerodynamics and established the CompAero and TurbAero software systems used for consulting and now available for licensing.


(1981-2003) Elliott Company, Jeannette, PA : Manager, Advanced Technology, a department responsible for research and product development including turbomachinery aerodynamics, structural analysis, rotor/bearing dynamics, vibrations and acoustics. Also directed operations of the company's Engineering Laboratory and managed its annual Technical Plan.


(1970-1981) Research Division, Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, NY: Program Manager, Aerodynamics and Air handling Systems, a group responsible for R&D in turbomachinery aerodynamics, fans, blowers and electronic air cleaners for the various product divisions. Accepted a company transfer to the Elliott Company division in June 1981.


(1966-1970) Active Duty U.S. Air Force Officer, Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, NM. Fluid dynamics R&D in hypersonic reentry vehicles to support a radar fusing group with plasma sheath predictions for signal attenuation evaluation. Developed the first practical computer simulation of a reentry vehicle flying at an angle of attack.  Final grade, Captain, USAF and supervisor of the fluid mechanics group.



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