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License Policy

Licenses authorize unlimited use by the licensed users, while imposing minimal restrictions on the number of computers on which the software can be installed or on the location of those computers. Licensed users can install the software on PCs at work, at home and on a laptop for travel so long this does not result in its use by unlicensed users. Single-user licenses are issued directly to an individual end user, who assumes personal accountability for any license violations. Since single-user licenses are virtually impossible for companies to control, they are not available for companies (although companies can purchase them for specific individual end users). When valid adjustments are needed due to organizational changes, etc. a single-user transfer agreement is available (see below). The company site license authorizes unlimited use by all employees who work under the direction of the company management at a single site. They do not preclude use by employees who work from home offices or at other off-site locations, but they do not extend to separate divisions or subsidiaries operating under their own local management. Special accommodations consistent with the general intent of this policy will normally be incorporated into the license for organizations having unusual requirements.

Unique features include a free three-month trial period and upgrades to obtain later revisions or extensions at a nominal fee based on the supplier's cost of providing the upgrade CD. There are also authorized distributors available for clients who prefer purchasing from a company rather than an individual and who may offer other advantages of special interest to clients.


View List of Authorized Distributors of the Software and Licenses


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View Documents (Requires Adobe Reader):

CompAero Licenses:   single-user   company

TurbAero Licenses:     single-user   company

Software Support Policy: support

Single-User Transfer: agreement




License Fees: The single-user license fee for either system is $4,000. The company site license fee for either system is $12,000. A 25% discount applies when both systems are licensed (in recognition of the programs common to both systems that should not need to be licensed twice).

Purchase Policy: Purchasers receive an invoice with the license and software for payment due after a three-month trial period. At any time during that free trial period, the original license and software distribution media can be returned along with written certification that no copies of the software or distribution media have been retained to cancel the license and the payment due. This policy does not apply to academic licenses (for which there is no license fee).

Software Specifics: The various design and analysis programs for both systems were programmed using Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0. Both have been implemented and used successfully under the Microsoft Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating systems. The various component programs of both systems feature an extensive interfacing capability.  All programs feature a typical Windows-style graphical user interface with help. They are applicable to both ideal and non-ideal fluids and support a wide range of input and output units

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