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Validation Of Program RIFT Predictions Against Experimental Data

This is a radial-inflow turbine stage designed and tested at the NASA Lewis Research Center for a 10 KW space power generating system based on the Brayton cycle. It consists of an inlet volute, a nozzle ring and an impeller with splitter blades. The stage was tested over a wide range of operating conditions on both air and argon (NASA TN D-2987).

This is a radial-inflow turbine designed and tested by Ricardo & Co. for the Ministry of Aviation. It consists of an inlet volute, nozzle ring and impeller. The experimental efficiency is supplied only as a composite single curve to represent all speed lines. The original reference shows that is a reasonable approximation over a velocity ratio range from 0.6 to 0.8, which is consistent with theRIFT predictions.

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