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I highly recommend the services of the following individuals and companies.

Dr. Pranabesh De Choudhury

One of the very best consultants I know in rotor dynamics, torsional dynamics, bearing & seal technology, etc. A frend and former associate who has outstanding expertise in all of these areas. Special congratulations to Pran on his advancement to the grade of Fellow of the ASME.


PerAero Turbine Designs LLC

Featuring consulting services by John V. Perera, a long-time former associate, a very good friend and one of the best axial-flow turbine aerodynamicists I know. I am very pleased that John includes CompAero & TurbAero among his analytical tools for turbomachinery aerodynamic design and analysis. PerAero is also an authorized distributor of the CompAero and TurbAero software systems.


Turbo Solutions Engineering LLC

A full-service turbomachinery consulting company and a licensed user of CompAero and TurbAero for many years. Based on their broad range of turbomachinery applications they have contributed some excellent software enhancement ideas. My standard (free) software support actvity has truely been mutually beneficial in this case and has contributed much to the maturing of both software systems.  Turbo Solutions Engineering is also an authorized distributor of my software and software licenses.


Globe Turbocharger Specialties, Inc

A supplier of many popular turbocharger brands and upgrades. They recently completed an extensive upgrade of their in-house fundamental turbomachinery technology (including licensing CompAero and TurbAero) to establish an unusual level of technical expertise and in-house capability to support their many product and service offerings.


Turbocam, Inc

An excellent manufacturing source for turbomachinery components. Prior to my retirement, I witnessed a dramatic reduction in air compressor performance deficiencies achieved simply by switching from cast impellers to Turbocam five-axis milled impellers. More recently, Turbocam manufactured two impellers that I designed while consulting for a client. Based on my experience, I am always confident that Turbocam can and will supply components that accurately conform to the component geometry that I designed.


C&R Technologies

Supplier of Sinda/Fluint, a general fluid & thermal analysis for complex systems. The performance analysis programs in TurbAero and CompAero can export performance maps for direct import into Sinda/Fluint to model the turbomachinery components in the systems. Special thanks are due to David Mohr of D&E Propulsion & Power Systems (no website available) for suggesting these interfaces, providing guidance in their development and qualifying them on practical applications.

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