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Featuring Software And Consulting Services by Mr. Ronald H. Aungier

Ron Aungier has over 40 years of experience in turbomachinery aerodynamic design and analysis. He provides independent consulting services and licenses comprehensive software systems for the aerodynamic design and analysis of centrifugal compressors, axial-flow compressors, axial-flow turbines and radial-inflow turbines. Ron is the author of over 15 major, peer-reviewed publications in this field, including three recent textbooks published by ASME Press Publications.  He is a Life-Fellow of the ASME.

Software Licenses


Featuring accurate, easy-to-use, well-validated and well-documented software with low-cost options appropriate to all clients -- from individuals to large companies. List of Licensed Users.   


CompAero: a comprehensive aerodynamic design & analysis system for centrifugal & axial-flow compressors.


TurbAero: a comprehensive aerodynamic design & analysis system for axial-flow & radial-inflow turbines.


Aftermarket: all software is well suited to rerate activity and other turbomachinery aftermarket applications.

RHA Consulting


  • Centrifugal & Axial-Flow Compressors

  • Axial-Flow & Radial-Inflow Turbines

  • Turbochargers, Fans & Blowers

  • Aerodynamic Design & Performance Analysis

  • Application, Rerates & Troubleshooting

  • CompAero & TurbAero Software Training


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Software License Announcement


Effective July 1, 2014, the source code and commercial sales rights to the CompAero and TurbAero software system licenses were purchased by Flexware, Inc. Hence, Ron Aungier will no longer be offering software licenses for sale in the future. All licenses previously issued remain valid and all license sales in process will be completed.  

It is with a saddened heart, I notify you that on April 7, 2015, my Father, Ron Aungier passed away.


My Father was a true scholar, a mentor, a role-model, a devoted husband and loving Father. If you need anything regarding RHA Consulting, or have any special stories about my Father to share with us please feel free to contact me.  


Joan Aungier Davis

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